Shariah Islamic Investment in Pakistan

Shariah Islamic Investment

Islamic finance is a growing industry in Pakistan, and Shariah-compliant investment is a significant part of that growth. Shariah-compliant investment refers to investments that adhere to the principles of Islamic law, also known as Shariah. These principles include a ban on interest and a prohibition on investing in certain industries. We will take a closer look at Shariah-compliant investment in Pakistan and discuss the growth and potential of this industry.


Islamic finance has been gaining popularity in Pakistan in recent years. The government has taken steps to promote the growth of the industry, such as creating the State Bank of Pakistan's Shariah Board and SECPs’ initiative to facilitate the growth of Islamic finance.

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Growth of Shariah-compliant investment in Pakistan

The growth of Shariah-compliant investment in Pakistan has been significant growth phase in recent years. The growth of Shariah-compliant investment has been driven by several factors, including the increasing awareness of Islamic finance among the general population, government support for the industry, and the development of new financial products that meet the needs of investors.
The potential for future growth of Shariah-compliant investment in Pakistan is significant. The population of Pakistan is largely Muslim, and there is a growing awareness of the benefits of Islamic finance among the general population. As the industry continues to grow, more financial products that meet the needs.

How to invest in shariah compiant stocks

The investors willing to invest in shariah complaint stocks follows PSX-KMI All share index. The index comprises of all the stocks that are compliant with the shariah status, index is also reclassified as per the scheduled of the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Introduction of Shariah Based investment by Abbasi and Company Pvt Ltd

Abbasi & Company being one of the fastest growing retail brokerage firms in Pakistan, have introduced a separate shariah complaint account services for the investors. In Shariah complaint account investor can only invest in Shariah Stocks as per the below criteria for shariah screening introduced by the exchange:

  • The core business of the company should not violate any principle of Shariah
  • The Interest-Bearing Debt to Assets ratio should be less than 37%
  • The ratio of Non-Compliant Investments to Total Assets should be less than 33%
  • The ratio of Non-Compliant Income to Total Revenue should be less than 5%
  • The ratio of Illiquid Assets to Total Assets should be at least 25%
  • Market Price per share should be at least equal to or greater than net liquid assets per share.

Shariah Compliant Stock and Shariah Index in Pakistan Stock Exchange:

  • PSX-KMI All Share Index
  • KMI 30 Index
  • Meezan Pakistan Index